Retail Ladder: The Omnichannel Challenge: Making Online Ordering, Pickup And Delivery Work In Your Supply Chain

The article underscores how important offering online ordering and delivery options has become for all businesses, including grocery-focused retailers, in today’s omnichannel world, quoting EKN’s research on the same topic.

From the article: The 2014 RIS/EKN Customer Engagement Tech Trends Study put the importance in terms of dollars and cents: The opportunity cost of not being omnichannel today is 10 percent in lost revenue—which translates into hundreds of thousands of dollars for multimillion dollar retailers, the report says. And in its follow-up 2015 Customer Engagement Tech Trends Study, RIS/EKN says same-day pickup/delivery and Uber-style home delivery are among emerging capabilities that will have the greatest impact on personalizing the customer experience.

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