Omni-channel Maturity and Opportunity Cost Assessment

This tool helps retailers understand the maturity of their Omni-channel operations, capabilities and assess what the lack of an integrated approach costs on an annualized basis. After taking the survey, the respondent will receive a customized assessment that will highlight: The opportunity cost of not having Omni-channel execution capabilities Maturity of their Omni-channel strategy when compared with the industry Age of their Omni-channel technology stack compared with the industry Demo... read more

Adaptive Pricing, Promotions & Markdowns in Retail

Retailers today are struggling with the effectiveness of their pricing and promotions which will have a long-standing effect on their profitability. Pricing and promotions need to be rightly balanced by a sound strategy which will give them a better understanding of the consumer. In this era of the dynamic pricing war, retailers need answers in the face of extreme competition. This QuickScan tool help’s retail organization get ready to deliver on customer-centric pricing, promotions and markdown intelligence. Demo... read more

Retail Engagement Analytics ROI Calculator

Are you aware of the business benefits that can be realized by deploying in-store analytics and resulting increase in product sales and customer engagement, as well as improved labor and sales productivity? This ROI calculator helps retailer to gather actionable intelligence in terms of increased sales and Return on Investment (ROI) received by deploying Retail Engagement Analytics. Demo... read more