Point of View- The Changing Role of The Store: Is Your Workforce Ready?

Due to rapidly changing role of store on account of advent of disruptive digital technologies, retailers are contemplating or implementing store transformations and finding themselves in a tough spot to balance additional challenges associated with it. Such challenges get mitigated to a large extent with a dynamic and trained workforce. But, do retailers have a pool of such a workforce? This report takes an in-depth look at the changing role of stores and workforce and the difference that an empowered workforce can create. Download... read more

Retail Headquarters & Stores Collaboration: Looking Forward to Building Next Gen Retail Workforce

To balance an ever-increasing in-store activity, retailers are faced with the multiple challenges. One of the critical challenges which does not always find prominence is lack of collaboration between headquarters and stores which, often, makes the process of retailing even more complex. This point of view identifies the challenges faced by retailers and analyzes it from both the store and headquarters’ perspective. It also provides a prescriptive set of actions that retailers might focus on to address such challenges. Download Full... read more

El Corte Ingles: A Case Study-Led Approach to Supply Chain Success

This document entails some key insights from the conversation between EKN’s principal analyst & General Manager of a leading department store operating in Europe. They discussed various issues related to private label sourcing and how software solutions are helping to overcome the challenges faced by them. This reports also discusses some key KPIs which are vital in the sourcing process. Download Full... read more

A New Store Excellence Scorecard

To stay ahead, every detail of customer behavior and operations must be regularly monitored in real-time. While retailers say they are striving to improve store performance, the question remains, if they are evaluating themselves on the right set of parameters. This report will help retailers discover some new and upcoming KPIs and performance management strategies, which will help retailers address traffic volatility, increase inventory visibility, improve customer engagement, understand the path-to-purchase, reduce shrink, and better the employee engagement, assortment localization and overall operational performance. Download Full... read more

Digital Transformation – The Power of Physical to Digital Loyalty

The effectiveness of traditional card-based, in-store loyalty programs is waning. To combat this decline, retailers are looking toward Omnichannel Loyalty programs to enable consumers to both access and exercise their loyalty benefits across channels. An agile shift towards Omnichannel Loyalty programs requires not only integration of the physical and digital worlds, but also process and technology transformation. This eBook highlights the challenges retailers are facing in the existing card based loyalty system, and how retailers can benefit from Omnichannel loyalty with spans across all channels. Download Full... read more

The Case for Improved In-Store Labor Standards

The ever-dynamic retail industry is still not there when it comes to a structured set of operational standards in store. One such key concern area for retailers is related to labor standards and labor hour models where retailers are seeking standardization of processes. EKN data has shown how labor standard implementations have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and customer engagement rate, besides driving several operational efficiencies in the stores. This EKN point of view discusses how customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and labor productivity can be addressed by properly implementing labor standards, task management and work measurement models. Download Full... read more

Plugging Out-of-Stock Gaps in Consumer Goods

Despite years of research to root out inventory problems, out-of-stock in the distribution centers and sales channels is still costing the consumer goods industry billions of dollars. While some of the causes are self-inflicted, others are out of control of the consumer brands. This sets a huge challenge for the brand to figure out agile strategies to plug the varied gaps in the sales and distribution channel so as to minimize loss owing to such out-of-stocks. The primer reviews and provides some fresh ideas to contain out-of-stock challenges that consumer brands continue to face. Download Full... read more