Digital Transformation – The Power of Physical to Digital Loyalty

The effectiveness of traditional card-based, in-store loyalty programs is waning. To combat this decline, retailers are looking toward Omnichannel Loyalty programs to enable consumers to both access and exercise their loyalty benefits across channels. An agile shift towards Omnichannel Loyalty programs requires not only integration of the physical and digital worlds, but also process and technology transformation. This eBook highlights the challenges retailers are facing in the existing card based loyalty system, and how retailers can benefit from Omnichannel loyalty with spans across all channels. Download Full... read more

The Case for Improved In-Store Labor Standards

The ever-dynamic retail industry is still not there when it comes to a structured set of operational standards in store. One such key concern area for retailers is related to labor standards and labor hour models where retailers are seeking standardization of processes. EKN data has shown how labor standard implementations have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and customer engagement rate, besides driving several operational efficiencies in the stores. This EKN point of view discusses how customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and labor productivity can be addressed by properly implementing labor standards, task management and work measurement models. Download Full... read more

Plugging Out-of-Stock Gaps in Consumer Goods

Despite years of research to root out inventory problems, out-of-stock in the distribution centers and sales channels is still costing the consumer goods industry billions of dollars. While some of the causes are self-inflicted, others are out of control of the consumer brands. This sets a huge challenge for the brand to figure out agile strategies to plug the varied gaps in the sales and distribution channel so as to minimize loss owing to such out-of-stocks. The primer reviews and provides some fresh ideas to contain out-of-stock challenges that consumer brands continue to face. Download Full... read more

The Dynamic Pricing War: Retailers Need Answers in the Face of Extreme Competition

The price of a product plays an important role in purchasing decision of a consumer. To tap this, retailers have showered consumers with unseasonal price breaks and promotions to match up to the unwavering digital and off-price competition. However, what they lack is effectiveness of such promotions which will have a long-standing effect on their profitability. Pricing and promotions need to be rightly balanced by a sound strategy which will give them a better understanding of the consumer. The primer takes a look at the trends and challenges in the industry and provides actionable insights. Download this  prescriptive guide for retailers to maximize price and promotion effectiveness for consumers. Download Full... read more

Converged Retailing. The Channel-Agnostic Imperative for Grocery Retailers to Maximize Value from Digital Strategies

Grocery retailers aim to improve overall growth, competitive differentiation and customer experience through their digital strategies, but they are being held back by a deeply channel-centric organization culture.  As they embark on a journey to provide an elevated customer experience to shoppers, they must be careful not to box “digital” into a familiar channel-centric construct, and instead think of it as an enterprise-wide capability that needs to touch every aspect of their operations. They are faced with the unenviable task of transforming large-scale operations at pace, and are held back by decades of channel centric muscle-memory. Download this prescriptive guide to help grocery retailers transform to Converged Retailing through seamless integration, cross-channel execution and organizational alignment Download Full... read more

Beyond Digital – Why retailers must do more than pay lip service to transformation to avoid the Digital Death-Trap

The mandate to retailers is clear – Redefine your business strategy, not your “digital strategy”. Shed the old channel-centric organization culture by focusing on the growth and profitability of your customer relationships, not your channels. Aggressively assess (and adjust) your business model. Focus on those aspects of your customer experience that matter to your customers. Invest in capabilities that drive superior execution. Embed “digital thinking” across the organization, not in an isolated team. Download this prescriptive guide to help retailers in beginning or fine-tuning the efforts in existing transformation initiatives by assessing the impact of digital in their business strategy. Download Full... read more

Retailers’ Search for New Growth Opportunities Requires a Streamlined Operations Model

Retail commerce’s growth in terms of stores, sourcing, supply chain partners and overall supply chain footprints extends into new channels, brands and international locations. Such trends highlight an increasing need for streamlining the financial and physical supply chain. Download this Point of View to understand the three pillars of a streamlined operations strategy for brand expansion and international growth which must include creation of one view of demand. This leads to higher demand forecast accuracy, development of multi-attribute consumer insight-led assortments to suit local and inter-country product affinity, and deployment of a single view of order (from sourcing to delivery), integrated finance and logistics, and real-time inventory. Download Full... read more