Transforming Retail With In-Store Customer Engagement Analytics

Retailers can no longer be left in the dark about consumer shopping habits in the store. In an increasingly omnichannel world, just as in the case of digital shoppers, retailers need to be aware of what customers do inside of their stores’ four walls before, during and after the shopping experience. The most successful retailers will be the ones that have intimate relationships with their customers, especially those that are typically harder to track in-store throughout the purchase cycle. As a result, retailers are learning to correlate point-of-sale (POS) results with other forms of in-store analytics such as Wi-Fi, a move that can optimize store layouts, improve in-store customer engagement, labor allocation and promotional effectiveness — factors that can then help companies improve number of customer visits, employee-customer interactions, assortment and sales. The infographic below explains how to transform the store with in-store customer engagement analytics so as to meet the desired objectives. To read more about the topic, follow the point of view report here