Omni-channel Customer Intelligence, Journeys & Engagement for Retailers

Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Carrefour, Aldi, Target or not, retailers know that both current and future retail business survival is intricately tied to understanding and responding to shopper or customer evolution in agile and innovative ways. New age customer engagement is now entering the realm of precision Omni-channel marketing. Retailers need to stay updated with these solutions to ensure effective personalized customer engagement. Download Full... read more

Foundation for Digital Transformation

Consumer expectations for applications, digital solutions and networking systems initiatives within retail are constantly evolving and present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for cutting-edge retailers. Download this e-Book presented by EIQ Research and Infovista and discover how investing in backend firepower allows retailers to meet changing shopper demands and power their digital transformation. Download Full... read more

Changing the In-Store Experience Forever

Strategic Product Marketing Executive of Infovista Network Performance Solutions, Ricardo Belmar, discusses digital transformation in retail and how it is changing the in-store customer experience highlighted with some industry examples. Download Full... read more

Competing in the Age of Amazon – Profitable Category Diversification & Expansion Leveraging Customer Insight

A closer look at the category management process of Amazon reveals the customer-centric approach they have adopted while efficiently planning the category development process. This ebook discusses how retailers and suppliers have the opportunity to tap into this category development and optimization opportunity window and emerge as the leaders in their respective categories and markets. Download Full... read more

Strategies for agile, profitable and secure omnichannel execution

The surge in omnichannel commerce has redefined the way retailers interact with customers. In the pursuit to remain competitive and increase the customer base, retailers have mostly focused on front-end strategies to grab customer attention.However, of late, they have also realized the importance of an integrated order fulfillment and secure back-end process for seamless omnichannel execution.This report entails the various strategies that aid them to do so. Download Full... read more

Trends in e-commerce & digital fraud: Mitigating the risks

E-commerce, online, web-connected device (i.e. Internet of Things) related fraud is witnessing an upward trend, with merchants experiencing revenue loss as a result of fraudulent transactions. This ebook entails how fraud affects e-commerce business and the various methods and trends in this scenario. It also discusses how retailers are tackling online or e-commerce fraud issues along with providing recommendations for them to prevent fraud. Download Full... read more

Digital Transformation: Optimized User Experience and Application Performance

Integrating digital convergence along with network optimization and seamless connectivity is the key ingredient for effective business performance. Hence, it is vital for an organization to revisit, consider and plan the usage of the existing capacity before investing in additional capacity to ensure seamless operations and business performance. This infographic covers key digital transformation trends across Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance. It also focuses on major business challenges in executing digital transformation programs and key steps to tackle these challenges across industries. Download... read more

Fashion and Apparel – Achieving a Frictionless Shopper Experience and Streamlined Operations

This ebook provides insights about the various changes and consumer demands that have affected the fashion and retail industry along with trends that are shaping and modifying it. It also discusses the continual increase in omnichannel sales that has forced retailers to take an active interest to create frictionless, omnichannel shopping experiences for customers. Download Full... read more

Lamps Plus : A Case Study-Led Approach to PLM Success

This report entails some key insights from the conversation between EKN’s principal analyst & CFO of a leading lighting retailer operating in US. They discussed various issues related to PLM and how software solutions are helping to overcome the challenges faced by them. It also discusses key pillars of the solution implemented and the ROI achieved from it. Download Full... read more